How to Stop Mechanical Systems Noise and Vibration

Noise from HVAC systems such as mechanical sounds, vibration, buzzing, and through ducts can be a daily annoyance in homes and offices.

Stopping HVAC sounds can be achieved through a few means, however, it’s important to first identify the source of the sound itself.

For mechanical noises, the first point of investigation is to determine what is causing the noise. Often, fans and other mechanical devices are worn or damaged, and causing more noise than necessary. The most effective and budget-friendly option in this case is to replace the offending part with a new one.

In cases where the source noise is due to mechanical systems that are operating normally, the solution is to isolate the unit itself and/or the ducts that are attached to the unit.

Mechanical unit isolation can include the use of neoprene bumpers, pads, and washers to decouple the unit from any wall framing, floors, ceilings, and ducts.

If the sound is traveling through existing ducts and vents, this can be solved with vent silencers. Vent silencer kits work effectively, and involve installing sound absorption sheets into existing supply and air return vents.

Installation is easy, but attention to detail to cover the full surface of the inside of the vent to a maximum depth and with seams sealed with tape will ensure a high-performing result. Vent silencers work well when used on vents with ducts that are close to one another, especially at the point at which they meet the main trunk of the ventilation system.

Installed in and in every vent, they greatly reduce noise from voices, televisions, stereos, and parties that can come through the vents.

If the duct itself is generated wind noise, it can be insulated highly effectively, and greatly reduce the offending noise.

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