How to Soundproof Vents and Ducts

Soundproofing is often installed in vents and ducts to stop noise from traveling from room-to-room in a home or office. Soundproofing can be highly effective in retrofit installations (already installed and working systems), and do not require the removal and re-installation of the HVAC system components.

Although the process of soundproofing vents and ductwork is relatively simple, it does required careful installation of the appropriate products and careful attention to detail.

There are two main budget-friendly options for soundproofing vents and ductwork:

  1. Install air supply and/or air return duct baffles. This involves the installation of sound attenuating materials within the air supply or return register to stop noise from traveling into the duct at the source and from making its way to another room. It often requires the installation of baffles in several of the registers for the solution to be effective.
  2. Enclosing ductwork in special, sound attenuating duct wrapping materials to prevent noise from traveling into the duct from other areas of the home or office where it is located.

We recommend that a sound test is performed before the installation of any sound attenuating materials to ensure that the right ducts and vents are modified to effectively reduce sound transmission.