How to Soundproof a Door

Doors are often the weakest point in a wall when it comes to noise control or privacy from room-to-room in both residential and commercial/office settings.

Causes of Sound Transmission Through Doorways

Sound will often travel through a doorway because the weak points of the door installation, which include:

  • The door itself, especially if it’s a hollow core door
  • The perimeter of the door, especially if there are any gaps around the sides, top, or bottom. Even the smallest gaps of 1mm-2mm will transmit sound through the opening when the door is closed.
  • The space between the door jamb and the framing inside the wall can have spaces and gaps that transmit sound around the door itself.

Door Soundproofing Options

Hollow core doors and solid core doors can be modified with soundproofing products to to raise the sound attenuation levels and STC ratings to more acceptable levels.

The most budget-friendly option to improve the soundproofing performance of a door is to install add a special door gasket.

If sound is still coming through the bottom of the door, an effective solution is to add a specially engineered door sweep (a mechanical, automatic door bottom) to block sound from entering the room through the gap under the door.

If sound is traveling through the door, especially if it’s a hollow core door, a sound blocking panel can be installed to improve its performance, rather than replacing the door itself.

If the requirement is to stop extremely loud sounds like industrial noise, or to create an absolutely quiet room for a recording studio, soundproof doors can be purchased and installed by specialized vendors.

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STC Ratings of Common Door Types

Door Type STC Rating Sound Experience Average Cost: Delivered and Installed
Hollow Core 20 Quiet sounds clearly heard through the door $500
Solid Core 27-30 Moderately loud conversations muffled but audible, loud sounds clearly audible $750-$2,000
Moderately Soundproof Door 33-38 (test results pending) Moderate sounds blocked, loud conversations barely audible and unintelligible $3,000-$4,000
Studio or Industrial Soundproofing Door 43-50+ Loud sounds blocked, very loud sounds muffled $5,000-$10,000+