Soundproofing Advice

Browse our soundproofing information and advice pages for you to learn how to solve common noise and privacy issues with soundproofing products suited to the average Do-it-Yourself-er.

What does soundproofing cost? Use our Soundproofing Cost Calculator to learn about cost ranges for a typical wall soundproofing project.

If you are hearing sound transmission through a doorway, read more in our Door Soundproofing Basics and Solutions article.

For noise coming through ducts and vents, read about how to stop sound using a Vent Silencer Kit in our Vent and Duct Soundproofing Solutions article.

If you have noisy mechanical appliances such as a heat pump, furnace, water heater, or large condenser unit, reach more in our article about Mechanical Noise and Vibration Soundproofing Solutions article.

For information about how to build soundproof rooms, read more in Wall and Ceiling Soundproofing Best Practices and Results and in Flanking and Soundproofing Project Failure.

What are STC and IIC ratings and why do they matter? Read more here.

If you’re not sure where to start, and what the source of the problem really is, contact us to discuss your project and we’ll assist you with the DIY or Installation Services that you need.