Vent and Duct Soundproofing

Vents and ducts often allow sound transmission from room to room – whether it’s in offices, commercial spaces, or homes.

In some cases, we’ll recommend that you install air supply and/or air return duct silencers. This involves the installation of sound dampening materials within the air supply or return register to stop noise from traveling into the duct at the source and from making it’s way to another room. It often requires the installation of silencers in several of the registers for the solution to be effective. For smaller projects, this can easily be done by using our Vent Silencer Kit.

For larger projects, including office and commercial spaces, we provide installation services with specialized products not available to consumers.

If the ducts themselves are the source of the noise, enclosing the ductwork us required, and we’ll supply, deliver and install sound attenuating duct wrapping materials to prevent noise from traveling into the duct from other areas of the home or office where it is located.

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