Soundproofing Design and Build

We provide design and build services  services to architects, designers, general contractors, and clients who wish to work directly with us. Our services include:

  • Offices, meeting rooms, and phone rooms
  • Full apartment/condominium projects
  • Commercial units including residential and business separations
  • Semi-detached homes and townhome shared walls soundproofing
  • Residential/Commercial wall and ceiling separations
  • Fire-rated and soundproof wall and ceiling assemblies
  • Flanking path soundproofing plans and specifications
  • Enclosures, including interior and exterior separations
  • Mechanical rooms, server rooms, industrial machinery rooms

Our soundproofing design and build projects are organized around five major steps.

Step 1: Consultation and Soundproofing Options Review
  • Every project starts with a phone and email based consultation to gather information about your problem and goals, obtain and review site photos, measurements, and any other required information to help us advise you of your options and potential budget range.
Step 2: Site Visit and Sound Testing
  • The second step to a successful soundproofing project is the site visit to review full site conditions and understand the nature of the sound transmission. Whenever possible, we will conduct some initial testing to determine the level of sound transmission and/or noise, depending on the nature of the problem.
  • In most cases we can provide a verbal, ballpark estimate of your project costs during the site visit.
Step 3: Soundproofing Design and Project Cost Estimate
  • When the results of the Site Visit and Sound Testing are successful we will proceed to a formal project estimate.
  • We can usually provide estimates within 24 hours of site visit, unless further review is required by our consulting engineers to design a successful soundproofing installation.
  • Our estimates include fulsome project information, materials selection, installation details and timelines, and accurate budgeting within 10% of the final cost of the project.
Step 4: Set Project Schedule and Acquire Materials and Schedule Work Crews
  • Your soundproofing project is officially underway when you sign off on your estimate and submit a deposit.
  • Projects usually start within 2-3 weeks of the commitment
  • During the preparation period, we will acquire your materials and create detailed designs for the crew and site supervisor to work from.
  • We will set your project schedule and ensure all the logistics and details are in place for the project to run smoothly.
Step 5: Deliver and Install Your Soundproofing Solution
  • The final and most important step is to deliver and install the soundproofing materials according to the final design.

Materials Delivery: Soundproofing products and installation equipment are delivered 1-2 days before work begins

Site Protection: In retrofit projects (existing homes and offices), we offer premium site protection to ensure that your property is protected from wear and tear that can happen during renovation projects.

Soundproofing Installation: Soundproofing designs are often a layer cake and the installation will proceed one layer at a time, with inspections performed during each step of the project.

Project Inspections: On-site inspections are performed by our technical director to identify and correct flanking issues, and perform quality control.

Photos and Videos: Site photos and videos are taken during the process to document the installation and for future reference.

Final sound testing: where sound transmission loss testing is possible, a final sound test is performed to determine if we have met our soundproofing goals.