Soundproofing Apartments & Secondary Suites

Apartments and condos in multi-unit buildings, and secondary suites in particular, present unique challenges in soundproofing.

Apartments in multi-unit buildings often have unique sound flanking issues that are difficult to diagnose and require bespoke solutions to resolve.

Secondary suites are apartments that have been retrofitted into existing homes and small buildings, including basements and upper floors. These retrofitted residential units provide very unique challenges. Often the structure has been extensively modified to accommodate new heating, cooling, and electrical needs, leading to hidden pathways for sound to travel from one apartment unit to another.

The most effective way to ensure that a newly retrofitted apartment is sufficiently private is to design and build soundproofing while under construction is underway.

If sound transmission issues are leading to noise complaints and privacy issues. the first step is to test and evaluate the building to identify the pathways that the sound is making through the building. Following a definitive diagnosis, we can design a solution that will stop sound transmission and proceed to the installation phase.