Our STC Guarantee

We are the only company that guarantees our soundproofing results.

Whether it’s a new construction, retrofitting existing walls and ceilings with soundproofing, or problem solving noise control problem, each project comes with a guarantee that that we’ll meet a decibel reduction rating that meets your goals. Where possible, we will set an STC rating target for the project, and conduct tests before and after the work is performed to ensure that we have solved the problem and met your goals.

Why we guarantee our results

Our designs are based on tested wall and ceiling assemblies with verifiable results. We bring exceptional skill and knowledge in soundproofing to the marketplace, and we take great pride in solving our customer’s noise and privacy issues. We also believe that almost all noise and privacy issues can be solved with the right approach and an adequate project budget, and we will only commit ourselves to projects where we know we can succeed.