About Us

So Quiet Soundproofing specializes in solving noise and privacy issues for homeowners, property managers, building owners, and general contractors. We service residential and commercial properties in both new construction and retrofit projects.

Soundproofing Products

We supply and ship soundproofing products to customers across Canada, and provide complimentary and value-added advice with every purchase through our website

There are many innovative products on the market, and we help Canadians buy the right ones for their unique soundproofing needs. Solutions to most noise issues can be fast and affordable to install, provided that the source of the problem is correctly identified.

Soundproofing is part art, and part science, and that’s why we offer technical support for all of our product purchases, with consulting services available for large projects.

We’ve been soundproofing in the GTA for 15 years, and completed 75 commercial and residential projects in 2017 alone. Our past projects include:

  • Residential properties such as:
    • Condominium apartments
    • Semi-detached homes
    • Stacked townhomes
    • Detached homes with secondary suites such as basement apartments
  • Commercial properties such as:
    • Tech companies
    • Lawyer’s offices
    • Doctor’s offices
    • Psychotherapists offices
    • Commercial gyms
    • Condo gyms
    • Restaurants
    • Party rooms
  • Exterior enclosures around loud HVAC appliances