Case Study: How we made a Toronto “Semi” feel “detached” with QuietRock 545

The Situation

  • A couple who was expecting the arrival of their new baby approached us about their semi-detached home in East York, Toronto because they could hear just about everything going on next door – talking, sneezing, dog barking, TV sounds, etc.
  • After careful inspection of the house, we found that the common wall with their neighbours had been renovated, insulated with Rockwool Safe n Sound, and one layer of fire rated drywall had been installed. 
  • We also found flanking paths through outlets and switches, and in the attic, which was completely open between the two homes and lacked any fire and/or acoustic barrier, which was one of the reasons why they could hear their neighbours.  

The Task

  • Their goal was to install soundproofing to generate enough privacy and quiet in their living room and master bedroom to feel comfortable home.
  • Our objective was to design and build a soundproofing assembly that could be reduces noice level by 60% – 80%, making most sounds passing through the wall inaudible.

Our Actions

To block out the wide range of noises coming form the neighbours, we designed a soundproofing assembly that included two of the best products available on the market:

  • The world’s most advanced drywall Quietrock 545, a engineered sound dampening drywall with exceptional low-frequency performance, and
  • Peacemaker sound barrier, an eco-friendly mass loaded rubber barrier

We also specified flanking path soundproofing wherever there were issues with the wall. This included moving outlets to the floor in front of the wall, and closing off the attic with fire barrier made of framing and drywall, as well as additional fire and sound insulation in the attic space above the bedroom.

  • Flanking protection: Peacemaker sound barrier, QuietRock 545, Acoustic Sealant, and Rockwool Safe and Sound insulation in all joist cavities and walls, we used new drywall to patch all holes and access areas, plus application of Acoustic Sealant to all seams and gaps, including sealing the gap in the attic.

The Results

After completing all aspects of the installation, including tape and plaster, an semi-detached home with exceptional privacy was born! The couple and their new family member are now able to enjoy living with quiet and privacy despite living a mere 6 inches from their neighbour.